Towards the end of January we saw a big update to Tilt for BlackBerry 10. There were a bucket load of new features to see. Some people still wonder what the app is all about, so we're going to go hands-on with the app to show you how it works.

Tilt is based on the Tilt UI that was showcased by BlackBerry Sweden way back in October 2013. You can head on over to that article and check out the original video. They made the sample code available to developers shortly after that and then in February 2014, Tilt became available in BlackBerry World.

When you open up Tilt, you get a blank screen but as you slow lift the device from the top end, blocks appear one by one presenting you with different information, from stocks, news, calendar entries, remaining battery and more. There are seven blocks in all but you can choose to show between 4 to 7 blocks. Just choose your preference in the app Settings.

You can rearrange the blocks however, it is a long winded process to do so. Swipe a block to the right and you are presented with icons labelled H, M and L — High, Medium or Low priority. Setting a block as high will make it go to the bottom most position as this is the block which appears first. Set a block to low and it will go to the top most position. If you choose M, then it will position itself in the centre. If you choose another block and set it to H, then it will take it's place on the bottom most position pushing the previous on up a slot. It can seem a laborious process but if you want to rearrange the blocks, that's the process right now. Even if you're not going to have all seven blocks showing, I suggest rearranging them with all 7 showing so you can see everything. Then adjust the amount of blocks after you're done rearranging them.

It's a neat idea and comes in handy during class time. However, I would like the option to tilt my BlackBerry in landscape mode. It means less travel of the device. Otherwise, it's a neat little app.

Check out the video above to see the app in action. Tilt is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and costs $0.99.

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