While cruising the BlackBerry Live 2013 showcase, we managed to check out T-Mobile's BlackBerry Q10. The model number showed up as SQN-100-5 as expected, and it was running OS 10.1.

It's still hard to gage how much carrier in-your-faceness we'll see on the T-Mobile version, but the rep there said that we'll see similar (if not identical) preloads as the Z10. Physical branding on the device is more of a grey area, since this one, much like the Sprint model being shown off here at the show, is also straight from BlackBerry, complete with serial number engraving. 

So, T-Mobile customers, are you digging on the Q10? Is an affordable, no-contract plan plus a physical keyboard a winning combo, or is there something about the other carriers that's winning you over? Maybe the Z10 is more your speed?