Not too long ago we took a look at SketchBook which provides users a way to create their own beautiful drawings and sketches on their BlackBerry. It does so by providing them with a variety of tools, including different pens and palettes, with which you can express your thoughts and ideas in a quick and efficient manner.

Now that the latest update is available which adds support for the Classic, Q10, and Q5 and added a much needed undo feature for those times you wish to reverse the last few strokes to correct mistakes or change your drawing, it warranted a closer look.

SketchBook is not meant just for artists but geared towards anyone who wishes to engage in some touchscreen creativity. The design of the application is quite beautiful and polished as well. ReFocus Technologies paid attention to each and every detail when coding it. This is evidenced from all aspects of the application starting with the sample books presented to users upon launch. These books showcase the applications capabilities as well as presenting how to use it in an intuitive and inventive manner. The attention to detail goes on from there from the thumbnails assigned to each new book, how the new pages appear on the page, to the layout of the pens and colors on the blank canvas.

Being that it is intuitive and utilizes gestures to operate, SketchBook is extremely smooth and easy to use. As a matter of fact, while the books that contain the help files are extremely useful, I quickly adapted and was comfortable using it. There are several elements, minor touches or flourishes if you will within the application that makes creating, deleting, and sharing your images quite simple. For example, if you tap on a specific image within a book it will bring up a menu whereby users can edit, delete, or preview their drawing without having to open it. In addition, there is also an assist button, which hides the toolkit so as to take advantage of your entire screen to act as your canvas, that users can move around the display so as, not to interfere with their drawing.

The application is quick and responsive. For each book created, the application pulls a random image from its files as a cover. To create an image within a particular book, simply tap the plus sign to insert a new page. Each page is designated a name, which either matches the samples or repeats the last one entered. However, if you do not wish to carry over the names, they can be edited.

All that is left to do now is create your personal masterpiece. Your canvas is laid out in such a way as to make the process as fluid as possible whether it be adding an image from your device, clearing the page, selecting a pen, or when using the color picker. The options appear at the top with the tools at the bottom. There are six pens at your disposal, ranging from pencil and watercolor, to pen and marker, each represented by their corresponding image. Being able to switch between then is quite effortless. To the right, users may scroll through the color palette that consists of 40 handpicked colors. Finally, when drawing freehand or using a stylus your strokes appear on screen instantly, and there is no disconnect.

Now that we have discussed SketchBook and all of its capabilities, the only thing left to do is let your creativity flow.

The Good

  • Offers an array of tools: pens, brushes, and a diverse color palette
  • Ability to create an infinite number of books
  • Books and drawings are automatically saved
  • Instantly preview, share, or save images
  • Import photos to draw or sketch on

The Bad

  • Page names carryover
  • Limited editing options (i.e. unable to Zoom in to add fine details, cannot choose different canvas options such as changing the color or texture)
The bottom line

Being able to paint and draw while on the go is perfect for those who love to doodle and sketch. The canvas you are given on the screen makes being able to draw on your device an easy task no matter what level you are at. SketchBook is $1.99 and compatible with all BlackBerry 10 devices, though not the Porsche variants.

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