I'm dangerous around a BlackBerry. I drop them, bang them against doors, and in general, abuse them. That's why I have to keep my ‘Berry in a case. It's just better that way. I also like the BlackBerry charging pods. But if you're at all familiar with cases and charging pods, you know that the two generally don't mix.

One of my favorite BlackBerry case makers is Seidio. I loved their case and holster combo for my Torch 9800, and I'm currently roaming the CES halls with another Seidio case for my Torch 9860.

Stopping by their booth in the North Hall at CES 2012, I found that they have done the seemingly impossible; they've created a case that fits inside a charging pod. Made for the BlackBerry Bold 9900, the case-enclosed BlackBerry slips easily into Seidio's charging pod. Pass throughs in the bottom of the case allow the Bold's charging points to connect the charging pod.

This is a great idea that has been a long time in coming. Finally, charging pod convenience and case protection have come together in one handy combination.