There are a few drawing/painting options for the BlackBerry PlayBook but DrawingBoard Pro landed in App World a while ago while very simplistic, has some nice features. As you will see in the above video I am no artist but that doesn't matter as the application allows you to draw over any image you have in your PlayBook gallery. Lots of fun to be had if you're feeling artistic.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Adjustable pen size
  • Adjustable pen opacity
  • Custom pen colors (with full Color Range to choose from)
  • Unlimited Undo & Redo
  • Eraser option
  • Save image with different quality options (Low, Medium, High) in JPEG format
  • Custom Background Images
  • Custom Background Color (with full Color Range to choose from)

Whether you download this app for adult use of for your kids to play with you can't really go wrong. In fact it is probably the easiest and most user friendly application of its type that I have used on any platform. And at 99c it won't break the bank.

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