Back in August we posted an article about a third party client for Pushbullet called BlackBullet. Pushbullet is a service that is currently available on iOS and Android and it pushes notifications to your desktop. As well as that you can share files between your device(s) and desktop browser, URLs and notes. Pushbullet also integrates with and this is where is gets even more interesting.

Those are the things that Pushbullet can do and the BlackBullet BlackBerry 10 client will let you do all those things except for message notifications. We'd be getting this with Blend anyway.

BlackBullet comes from the developer of the pretty awesome utility app ClipMan Clipboard Manager and Battery and System Analyser. The first thing that should be noted about BlackBullet is that it currently has beta status within BlackBerry World. It is currently being updated and has come along nicely.

To get started with BlackBullet, you need a Google account to login with. Once you've granted approval, you're ready to go. You can start pushing notes or links between your desktop browser and device. To get even more out of the service, use the service. If you haven't heard of IFTTT before, it's another great service to use. You can create recipes to automate web functions, making things easier. Like you can set up a recipe that will allow you to backup your SMS messages to Google Drive or get sports results pushed to an email account. Now that Pushbullet integrates with the service, you could push those alerts to Pushbullet instead. I use it for getting alerts on my favourite football (soccer) team. It comes through as a note.

BlackBullet sign in screen

How about being able to get a notification whenever a CrackBerry article is posted? You can do this with BlackBullet using the IFTTT service. Create a recipe to push an RSS feed, in this case the CrackBerry RSS feed, to the Pushbullet service via IFTTT. Then whenever an article goes live, you can be notified to the Hub.

BlackBullet Hub Notification

If you are a Pebble smart watch owner, you can even get those notifications pushed to your wrist. BlackBullet has made use of the Talk2Watch API and as long as you have Talk2Watch running, notifications will arrive on your Pebble.

At the moment BlackBullet does have to be running if you want to receive notifications. It is not yet headless. But remember it is currently in beta. There is an in-app purchase available if you want to support the project as well as unlock the feature to push files between your devices and desktop. The in-app purchase costs $1.99.

BlackBullet has also been officially recognised by Pushbullet themselves as a third party client.

Being that BlackBullet comes from the developer of ClipMan Clipboard Manager, it integrates very well with it using a cloud extension. We looked at this before and is a great way of copy something from your BlackBerry 10 device and have it appear on your desktop. Check out the video below to see the ClipMan Clipboard Manager and BlackBullet integration in action.

To check out how BlackBullet works, check out the video up at the top. BlackBullet is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

Learn more / Download BlackBullet from BlackBerry World