It was only a few days ago that we announced that Jetpack Joyride was now available to download for BlackBerry 10 and what a beauty it is. The game has been huge on other platforms for some time now so it's rather encouraging that yet another BIG game has made its way over to BlackBerry.

With the game being free you don't really have an excuse not to download it. It's action packed, has great graphics and sound and I suspect it will be just as popular with us here on BlackBerry 10 as it has been with the likes of the iPhone. 

With many regions around the world still waiting on the arrival of the BlackBerry Z10 I suggest you take a look at the video and put this one at the top of your list of games to download as soon as you get your new sexy BlackBerry.

More information/Download Jetpack Joyride for BlackBerry 10

Update: After being pulled due to laggy performance, Jetpack Joyride is again available on BlackBerry World. Enjoy!