If you're a Pebble smartwatch user, Hub2Watch is an app you'll want to get. It was released recently and goes hand-in-hand with Talk2Watch Pro. While Talk2Watch is by far the best third party Pebble app we have for BlackBerry 10, there are still some limitations in terms of notifications and Hub2Watch helps to bring more notifications to your wrist. Follow on as we go hands-on with Hub2Watch.

First off, you will need Talk2Watch Pro for Hub2Watch to function, as it uses the Talk2Watch API Reference. A few other developers have used this API to connect with Talk2Watch to bring notifications to the Pebble.

What does Hub2Watch do?

It catches all your Hub notifications and alerts you to them via the Pebble. This includes any third-party apps, such as Blaq, iGrann or Inst10. It won't let you see the message, as Talk2Watch does, but you will receive a notification to your wrist telling you which account has a new message. Hub2Watch comes with three watch faces for you to use with it. Which one you use will depend on how much information you want to see - 1 notification, 4 notifications or 6 notifications at a time. There is the option to include weather; this will take up a slot on the watchface if you turn this on. To install one just tap Install this Watchface, it will use Talk2Watch Pro to install it onto your Pebble watch, make sure you have a free slot. It must be noted that if you currently use the Futura Weather watch face, you'll need to delete that from your list of watch faces. You cannot have more than one Hub2Watch watchface installed at any one time, so if you want to try out one another one, be sure to remove the installed one first.

Hub2Watch watchfaces

If you don't want to be notified of every Hub notification that comes through, you can untick accounts via the app settings. The app settings are where you set everything else, such as weather options, how you Pebble watch will vibrate and more. Hub2Watch also has a facility of letting you know how much battery juice you have on your Pebble and mobile phone. Just shake your wrist as you would to light up the Pebble screen and battery percentages will be shown to you. This is an option you can turn off if you don't want it.

Hub2Watch account selection

Hub2Watch is headless, so you don't need to have it open to function, just set everything has you want it, close it and let it do its thing.

Talk2Watch is an already great app, couple it with Hub2Watch and it's a great combination. Definitely loving my Pebble more and more with all these new apps and features developers are bringing to us.

Hub2Watch is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and costs $1.99. Remember, you will need to have Talk2Watch Pro installed too.

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