We posted recently about the BlackBerry 10.1 maintenance release, but in true CrackBerry fashion I thought it was well worth showing you on video what I consider to be the best new features. Not only is the video aimed at current BlackBerry 10 users who have not got the update yet, but hopefully if you read this and are considering joining Team BlackBerry this may push you a little more in the right direction.

As you would have seen in the 10.1 MR announcement post, there are a ton of new additions to the OS but a few really stuck out for me with the main one being the ability to now use gestures to read through your emails. As much as I love BlackBerry 10 I did find it frustrating having to open, then close an email just to then open the next. Those days are now gone as from within a message you can swipe to the right and down and the next message will open - hooray! You can reverse this action to go backwards in your inbox by swiping to the right and then up and it works beautifully.

Although I never use a password on my BlackBerry (as it's never away from me) I did find it a little odd that with BlackBerry 10 the password had to be a word - unlike on many other operating systems where numbers can be used. That's now also been rectified and keying in a few numbers is so much easier and quicker than having to rely on using the full keyboard.

There's plenty more good stuff on offer so hit up the link below for the full list. If you already have it, who's loving the email gestures as much as me?

What's new in BlackBerry 10.1 MR