Yesterday I got my hands on a new Curve 3G 9330 from Verizon (review to follow) and decided to fire it up and install OS 6. Through much trial and error I finally got OS installed and running. Overall I can say it runs very smooth. All of the features are there and nothing is laggy or sluggish at all. As expected, OS 6 brings along some very cool features to the device like Social Feeds, Universal Search, updated calendar, multiple views and much more. Again we have to keep in mind that the Curve 3G is really an entry-level device for new users, so even though it may seem "cheap" or outdated to some, people who are new to BlackBerry and just need the basics can still get it all on the Curve 3G. Check out the video above, and stay tuned for the full review. In the meantime you can read Bla1ze's review of the Rogers Curve 3G here.