We posted earlier this week that the traditional BlackBerry game of Brick Breaker had made a welcome return to BlackBerry 10 devices and we tip our hat to you BlackBerry for listening to the thousands of users that missed the game from their legacy devices. 

What I found interesting with the game is that control wise things are very much different depending on whether you have an all-touch BlackBerry or one with a hardware keyboard - as you will see in the video.

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet as Brick Breaker is free and full of goodness so just go and download it. But I will explain the differences in controls, so here we go. 

On the Z10/Z30 you have control tabs either side of the display to move your man into position to hit the ball. But depending on what level you are on you can also just drag the character using a finger/thumb.

But with the Q10/Q5 there are other options. Option one is to just touch your character and drag him in the direction you wish him to go. And because of the hardware keyboard in place on these devices you can also use this. Just hit up the 'Q' and "P' keys for left and right. On the intermediate level though you have to use the keyboard controls - a wee bit harder. 

On a personal note I actually find things easier on the my Q10 than the Z30 which doesn't happen to often when it comes to gaming. Either way - Brick Breaker is back in business and bringing an element of joy to BlackBerry users. We can once again get back to our roots on the commute to work!

More information/Download Brick Breaker for BlackBerry 10