We go hands-on with the very first BlackBerry 10 smartphone manufactured by Foxconn: the BlackBerry Z3. Announced today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Z3 is set to retail for less than $200 and is bound for a launch in Indonesia (hence the "Jakarta" codename). It spots a 3G radio (no LTE here, yet), a 5-inch display, and is said to have a long battery (typical for a BlackBerry, that would seem), but for the time being other specs are elusive.

The design of the Z3 is simple, as BlackBerry 10 devices have been. The front is dominated by the black glass over the display with a BlackBerry wordmark at the bottom and a handset speaker and front-facing camera up top, the back is a sheet of grippy soft-touch with a camera styled just like previous BlackBerry 10 devices with separate lens caps for the camera and flash at the top, a BlackBerry logo in the center, and a grid of holes for the loudspeaker at the bottom. There's a Micro USB port on the bottom (a first for a BlackBerry 10 device) and the power and volume buttons have been located on the left side (as opposed to the previous tradition of top and right side, respectively). It looks and feels like a BlackBerry — but with the mass manufacturing prowess of Foxconn behind it.