As most CrackBerry readers know by now, BlackBerry has introduced their BlackBerry Assistant app and a lot of folks are looking forward to actually using it. That said, aside from some early demos of it the app itself has never really been shown off, even in some of the BlackBerry Passport leaks. So with BlackBerry OS having now popped up and offering a mostly function version of the app, we decided to take a look at it as many have been asking to see it in action.

The app has certainly grown from early versions and it's now fast, really responsive and even handles some rather complex tasks with ease. It pulls in info from all corners of BlackBerry 10, especially the native apps as well as Wolfram Alpha, various search engines, location data and much more. Although BlackBerry has never confirmed the cooperation, it would seem as though Maluuba is powering the app and if that is indeed the case, it's a great thing because it works amazingly well. Check it out yourself.