There's a new BlackBerry Passport in town, and it's meant for AT&T's network. The phone sports a redesigned case on the outside, but on the inside is for all intents and purposes identical. But why a new design? Because AT&T wanted it that way.

Here it is compared to the standard Passport where you can really see the differences between the two — AT&T's has a lot more gentle curve to it than the more edgy regular Passport.

Compared to the BlackBerry Classic you can really see the design inspiration — AT&T's preference for curves is evident on both devices. It's as if AT&T said "Can you make a version of the Passport that looks more like the Classic?" and BlackBerry happily obliged.

So that's the new AT&T BlackBerry Passport. It's a more rounded, slightly more comfortable version of the standard BlackBerry Passport, and it's coming to Ma Bell for $199.99 on contract, $649.99 off contract, or on monthly payments with AT&T Next. It's got more curves but inside's just the same — let us know what you think of this AT&T-only version of the Passport!

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