DDH Software recently announced that a version of its HanDBase relational database application is now available for BlackBerrys.DDH LOGO

The HanDBase platform allows users to create their own databases and download databases from others over the Internet. Select editions of HanDBase for BlackBerry smartphones even synchronize with corporate databases from Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, MySQL and other ODBC sources.

All versions of HanDBase for BlackBerry include the Windows desktop version that enables users to create, import, and manage their information before transferring the data to their BlackBerry for mobile access and data entry. You can then synchronize the changes made on both the desktop and BlackBerry. Multiple BlackBerrys can share a single database, merging changes in one of several different configurations.

HanDBase Screenshot

HanDBase for BlackBerry comes in three editions. HanDBase Plus includes the BlackBerry client, Windows Desktop and two way synchronization conduit and retails for US$29.99. HanDBase Professional adds an Access Synchronization conduit and sells for US$39.99. HanDBase Enterprise adds an ODBC Driver and an ODBC Synchronization conduit and sells for US$79.99. All three products are available at the company’s Web site, ddhsoftware.com. A free trial is also available.

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