Hamilton Police Nab Car Jacker Using BlackBerry GPS

A rather interesting story coming from the Hamilton Spector today. According to the article written, police in Hamilton were able nab a car jacker using what appears to be the built in GPS in the victim's BlackBerry. From the article:

Hamilton police said the wild events began as the woman was about to drive away from a drugstore at Mohawk Road East and Upper Wellington Street at about 9 p.m. A man she didn't know jumped into the passenger's seat and ordered her to drive him home.

When she said no, he told her he had a gun. Fearing for her life, she agreed to drive him where he wanted to go. She drove the man to Queenston Road near Kenora Avenue, where the man ordered her to stop. The bandit let her out and roared away with her car, her iPod, her identification and her BlackBerry.

In the end, Hamilton police had the car jacker turned failure at life boxed in and surrounded. Staff Sergeant Gary Thompson stated the built in GPS allowed for Police to narrow the search in order to find out the area where the vehicle was. While the Hamilton police are not saying exactly how GPS was used, we do know police enforcement agencies can ask carriers to participate in investigations and the limitations of such use of GPS are still kinda sketchy. But that folks, is some CSI action right there.

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