When we announced the availability of Need for Speed Undercover for BlackBerry 10 I did a little fist pump in my head. Yes, weird I may be but I was super excited. And although the game has been around for ages on the BlackBerry PlayBook and other operating systems it really is a great addition to BlackBerry World arsenal of games and I'm sure it will rocket to the top of the charts.

If driving games are your thing then you will want to part with your cash for this one. The game looks absolutely stunning on the BlackBerry Z10's display and having such an awesome game with you at all times is one of the things that makes a smartphone great in my opinion.

Priced at $2.99/£2.00 Need for Speed Undercover offers great value for money. Yes, it's a shame it isn't free like it was on the PlayBook but you can't have everything.

  • All new quick race mode: Want to take a break from the story? Try Quick Race mode and race any of the 20 cars from the Tri City area before you unlock them. Step outside your career and instantly race any unlocked track.
  • 8 Challenging race modes: Power through Head-to-Head Action, Highway Battle, Cop Takeout, and more. Race undercover in 24 covert missions.
  • 3 Unique Environments: Push your car to the limit as you burn through exhilarating cityscapes, snaking countrysides, and gritty seaside docks.  
  • Customize your vehicle: Trick out your ride with aftermarket spoilers, multiple wheel options, body kits, and cool paint schemes.  
  • Incredible racing visuals: Sweeping camera angles and gnarly car crash sound effects heighten your driving experience.  
  • Earn performance upgrades: Punch it with extras like Boost, Speed, Acceleration, and Handling.

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