H7 Bold Theme.

About a week back now Jason Calhoun sent me an email letting me know about a sexy new theme he had just released. So, I downloaded and installed it and I have to say I love it. The styling on this theme is just awesome. With the hexagon acting as the central point for all your mostly used applications, it makes it a nice theme to get around and utilize. Personally, I love the calendar on the side and am glad the option for "Messages' wasn't placed there instead. I really find the "Messages" icon annoying as I like to know where my stuff actually came from by utilizing a dedicated icon to differentiate and I know I'm not alone here. The icons are great and the flow of the theme is just sweet as well as the color options Jason chose to implement on this one. Gets my star of approval for sure!

PS: Jason has also given me a sneek peak of his next upcoming theme and when it's finalized I'm gonna be happy to introduce it all to ya's because it's something I have been waiting for theme developers to to do for a while now, stay tuned! ;-)