Gym Technik and WiThings

The guys over at Gym Technik have just given me a tip on some pretty exciting new developments with their BlackBerry fitness app, NextGen. It seems like they've developed an API to work with their app, which basically means that their app can tie in with other web based applications and share information. Their first integration, announced today, is with Withings, makers of the internet connected body scale.

They say the experience can be summed up in three easy steps:

  1. Step on the Withings scale to weigh yourself
  2. The body scale records and automatically sends your weight measurements to your Gym Technik account
  3. View your data and graphs at Gym Technik Online and Gym Technik Mobile. And if you have the NextGen app on your BlackBerry, your weigh-in stats are pushed down to your BlackBerry, with a link to view stats and graphs on the NextGen app.

Pretty cool stuff if you ask me, as I'm all about the OTA. To learn more about the scale and it's pricing visit the Withings website. Or if you already have a Gym Technik account, just login to Gym Technik and navigate to Account | Link/Share to learn how you can purchase and link the scale to your Gym Technik account.

They've also just completed an upgrade with some other new features and functionality. You can get a list of all the new features in their upgrade announcement here.

And these guys seem to love CB nation. They've launched a discount code giving 10% off their premium subscriptions if you use promocode aprcrackberry10 at their store by end of this week.

And I have an idea for their API and their app. Tie it to Twitter and Facebook. Team Gym Technik... you listening? ;)

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