Gym Technik

It's been quite the week for the guys over at Gym Technik. First they won a CrackBerry App Awards for Best Health App for the second year in a row, and now we've just received a tip that their app has been upgraded with a couple of neat new features.

Off the bat, the app is now compatible with the Torch and also any models running OS6. This is good news for any subscribing Gym Technik members who have upgraded their device lately. It would be interesting to see how this app reacts to the Torch's touch interface coupled with the slide out keyboard.

They've also added in some new features into this upgrade, the main one being a built-in resting and interval timer. Check out the run down of the new features:

  • OS 6 Compatibility (BlackBerry Torch included!)
  • Built-In Resting and Recovery Timer. The app times your rest in between sets, and times your recovery time in between exercises.
  • One-Click Access To Workout Instructions
  • Custom Exercises Syncs Down To App
  • App Settings And Sign Up UI Enhancements
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Current Gym Technik members will notice an "Upgrade" icon within the app itself. And if you've never tried this app before, give it a whirl and learn how you can download the app to your BlackBerry at

CrackBerry Exclusive Discount: To celebrate this upgrade, CrackBerry Nation gets dibs at 25% off Gym Technik premium. They've released 10 discount codes so hurry and grab them before they run out. Use discount code s10upgrade25cb when upgrading your account at

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