Gym Technik Gets Updated for the BlackBerry Storm

The team over at Gym Technik sent me a note informing that they just performed a minor update to their site fixing a few bugs and releasing a few more features - but most notably, they've revamped the user interface of Gym Technik Mobile for the BlackBerry Storm. The Storm screen enhancements have been based on user surveys and feedback sent in from the thousands of Storm members (tons of CB members!) using their service today.

They've also had long time Gym Technik member and fellow CrackBerry member UKJay43, also known as Jay Campbell - Founder of, provide an in-depth step by step review on using Gym Technik Mobile on his BlackBerry Storm. Storm owners can catch his full write up along with Gym Technik's new Storm screen shots here.

And as the picture above says it - If you want to work up a Storm at the gym, then sign up for your free account and ensure you're first on the list to get notified as soon as this BlackBerry Fitness app is out. They've told me that they're getting really close and this recent upgrade put a few of the back end pieces together to work with their upcoming highly anticipated BlackBerry app.