Gym Technik BlackBerry App Is Here

It's Saturday morning as I type this and I'm about to head to the gym so it's a fitting time to blog this up...

Long-time readers of are familiar with Gym Technik's fitness tracking service - we've written about them plenty of times before and have been longing for them to take their web app offering to the next level with an actual BlackBerry app. Great News! Gym Technik has just announced the preview release of their much anticipated, downloadable app: Gym Technik NextGen for the BlackBerry.

Thousands of users worldwide have been using Gym Technik's mobile and web application for tracking their workouts. After much feedback and interest from users surrounding this app, Gym Technik's developers are excited to present a preview release of the NextGen app. It comes bundled with a 30 day free premium trial. So you can test-drive both Gym Technik's Premium Service and NextGen app without commitment or hassle. All current Gym Technik members can link to the app, and new members can create an account right from their BlackBerry.

We'll be following up with a review on the app shortly. Next in line, GymTechnik has already promised upgrades for OS5 support and a Storm version of the app, stay tuned.

Learn More & Download: You can visit from your BlackBerry's web browser to download and learn more about the app and how to use your BlackBerry as a fitness tracking and workout management tool @

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