Gym Technik Fitness App for BlackBerry

I'm in a pretty solid workout routine right now (gotta get ready for beach season and hit my goal of doing shirtless reviews for the ladies!) so I was pretty happy to see Gym Technik's fitness app for the BlackBerry get updated with some minor tweaks and fixes. Updates mostly include user interface and screen flow enhancements, along with some bug fixes reported by the community. Below is a run of the tweaks and fixes:

  • Streamlined user interface navigation
  • Improved account setup and management
  • Fix to exercise order discrepancy between web and BlackBerry app
  • Fix to workout edit function on the BlackBerry app
  • Better visual scaling of the body stats graph improving visibility of smaller fluctuations
  • New "Getting Started" guides
  • "Workouts" will appear as the app name, rather than "Gym Technik"

The new version is available for download/upgrade in two simple steps:

  1. Sync the data in the BlackBerry app (skip this step if you don't have the app on your BlackBerry).
  2. Point your BlackBerry browser to and follow the steps to download.
That's it. Train hard, Get Huge (or skinny or whatever your goals are...). See ya at the beach!