Gym Technik for BlackBerry

It's a few weeks into the New Year, and the folks at Gym Technik are doing their part in keeping BlackBerry owners fit. We've covered this CrackBerry Award winning app a few times, who also co-sponsored the BlackBerry Fitness Challenge we held last year. This BlackBerry fitness app allows you to setup workouts, find workouts, track workouts, track body stats. and schedule a routine on your calendar, all from your BlackBerry. And while you're at the gym, the app gives you the list of exercises you need to perform, along with the ability to track.

Their newest version now comes with a slew of new features, the most exciting of which is streaming video of their entire exercise library. Members can now watch a full motion video showing the proper form of the exercise they're about to perform, directly from the app. Once they complete the exercise, they can then track the stats so it's accessible the next time they perform it.

50 Premium Discount Codes - Save 40%: To celebrate the launch of this upgrade, and their love for CrackBerry nation, they are giving away 50 premium account discount codes, offering 40% off their already discounted annual membership. Use discount code cbnation40 upon checkout at

Go ahead and download the app by pointing your BlackBerry browser to and follow the instructions. New registrations get an automatic 30 day free trial of premium. Existing members get the app upgraded to the newest version.

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