Gym Technik & Oxygenfit

This one's for all of you who still haven't given a thought about your Mother's Day gift. First - shame on you! Second - the guys over at Gym Technik (winners of the '09 CrackBerry award for Best BlackBerry fitness app) may have a "plan B" to cover you. This Mother's Day, get her the Gift Of Fitness! This one's tricky as you need to be careful how you word it when you bundle it up. Remember, it's to help her "maintain" her good health because you love her, it has nothing to do with "weight loss" ;-)

So what's the "Gift Of Fitness" bundle?

  • Gym Technik Premium Edition - Get her the Gym Technik premium edition at 20% off with discount code mommy2010 at the Gym Technik Store. And if she has a BlackBerry, point her BB browser to to download the app. The promo code expires on Sunday.
  • Oxygenfit in-home training equipment for women - Ger her a resistance band, body ball, and/or a toning loop so she can train while being in the comfort of her home. All equipment is 20% off with discount code GTOXYGENFIT. Surf the products at the Oxygenfit site.

Once she receives the equipment, and after you setup her account on Gym Technik, take a few minutes to set her up on a workout routine. You can fill up her workout library and schedule her to a full routine by copying over the Oxygenfit workouts from the workout library. The routines are then accessible through her BlackBerry. If she doesn't have a BlackBerry (what kind of mother is she?!) then print out the workouts for her from the Gym Technik website.

So there you have it. The gift of fitness for this mother's day. The clocks ticking so you better hurry up!

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