It's been some time since we initially looked at Gwabbit, although -- in that time they've made some pretty decent improvements to their app and services overall. There latest update is more of a server side update rather then an actual application update. If you're not familiar with Gwabbit, then let me explain. Gwabbit, scans all of your incoming emails for contact info -- if info is found, it can then be automatically added to your address book so that you always have that info available.

Every now an then though the recognition engine, the system that determines what is contact info and what is not -- needs to be updated. In this case, Gwabbit has updated their server side services to version 2.0 which in turn will produce more accurate readings of info and ensuring the Gwabbit app works correctly when adding contacts to your address book.

If you're already a Gwabbit user, such as myself -- then you need not do anything. If you're new to Gwabbit though, this would be a good time to check it out as the services are much improved over previous versions. Gwabbit is available as a free and premium application with the premium version costing $9.99/year.

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