Gwabbit To Release Free Version Via BlackBerry App World

Gwabbit is a handy application for those who get a lot of emails and do not want to constantly be adding new contacts to their BlackBerry manually. Gwabbit takes care of that for you by adding your contacts information right to your address book automatically if you do so wish for it to. Some users however, may have been put off by the pricing of the application which is set at $9.99/year.

In response to that on December 8th, Gwabbit will release a free version only available via BlackBerry App World. The free version to be released also has a new feature built into it, we'll leave it up to you guys to decide if you like it or not though. When adding a contact, your device will email the person letting them know they were added to your address book using Gwabbit. Useful? Bothersome? Worth the savings of $9.99? Let us know in the comments folks.