This is something for those of you there that are lucky enough to have a Google Voice account. GVdialer is a BlackBerry application (other platforms supported, such as Symbian (S60 3rd), Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile) which allows you to use your Google Voice number for all your calls if you do so wish. When calls are placed users will see your Google Voice number, rather then your real phone number.

GVdialer can be used to save ya some cash on international calls, keep your mobile number safe by giving only your Google Voice number out and also integrates with your Google Voice voicemail and Goog-411. Read on for more information on its uses and cost.

How does GVdialer work

GVdialer always runs in the background of your phone. Once you dial, GVdialer routes your call by dialing to your Google number and connecting you to the destination number.

You may decide which calls are routed by GVdialer by setting it to route international, domestic or all of your calls.You can even set GVdialer to ask you on every call.

GVdialer leverages two-stage dialing to make your calling experience easy & seamless. GVdialer does not use data connection to make calls.


One number – Present your Google number as your Caller ID on outgoing mobile calls. Keep your mobile number private & get people used to your Google number.

Simple calling - Dial directly from your phone’s contacts, speed dial, call log or keypad, and GVdialer will automatically get you connected using Google Voice. When GVdialer is installed, just dial and GVdialer takes care of the rest.

Cost saving – Start saving on your mobile calling costs. Set your Google Number as a favorite number on your mobile plan, and stop paying for local and national long distance calls. Take advantage of  Google’s low rates for international calls.

Customize GVdialer - Set GVdialer to call using Google Voice on specific types of calls. All your other calls will go directly via your mobile provider. You can choose to use GVdialer on International calls, domestic calls, or on all of your calls. You can even set GVdialer to ask you whether to use Google Voice on each & every call.

Privacy – Keep your mobile number hidden.  GVdialer works even if you block your caller ID on your cell phone.

Easy inbox access – Connect to your Google Voice web account at a click of a button Quick Voice Mail & Goog-411 access – get instant access to your voice mail-& Goog-411 service.

You can learn more about GVdialer over at where the application will cost $9.99 but comes with a free 30 day trial. This is making me wish Google Voice had some support for Canadian users - last time when I checked there was not a number to be found for my area of Canada. I hope that changes soon cause this is the kinda stuff I would love to be able to use.