Around the world we have different online websites for buying and selling goods. Clearly, eBay is the most well known and global but there are a bunch of regional ones too. Here in the UK Gumtree is huge. Unlike eBay, you just list your goods or search for something to buy, contact the seller and do the deal with no fees incurred. 

Although we don't have a native BlackBerry 10 version of Gumtree the Android one works perfectly well and since OS 10.2.1 was introduced getting it onto your BlackBerry 10 smartphone is a piece of cake. If you've not done this before there will be a link with the full instructions at the base of the article. 

As you can see from the image above - once you find an item you are looking to buy you'll be shown photos at the top, followed by how the seller wishes to be contacted. This could be email, SMS or phone or any combination. You'll also see the price, item location and a description. Anything else you need to know you just ask the seller - simple. 

With the ability to login to your Gumtree account you can manage any items you are selling yourself, all with ease. If you're on the lookout for a bargain and you're in the UK I'd certainly recommend checking out Gumtree prior to committing to eBay. 

More information on how to install Android APK's using Snap on your BlackBerry 10 device