Fancy learning to play the guitar? Well, if you can get your hands on one you may want to download Guitar Box for BlackBerry 10 which is a great place to start as the free app will teach you the basics and get you rocking in no time at all. 

Available for all BlackBerry 10 handsets, Guitar Box will teach you right from the basics - such as how to tune your guitar. This section does more than just visuals though, as you can touch the different notes which produce a sound - enabling you get your guitar in tune. 

Then it's on to the lessons and there are eight in all. Things start of with learning about the different parts of the guitar - which you will need to know. Then as the lessons progress they will teach you the basic chords and strumming techniques. 

As you get further into the lessons you'll be taught about barre chords and even finger pickin' styles. The diagrams are neatly displayed and even I can understand them. Clearly, the app will have its limitations, but rather than pay for guitar lessons from the off, why not give the app a go and see how you get on. As the app is free - what have you got to lose? 

Download Guitar Box for BlackBerry 10