I think my neighbors got a little scare when Mobile Innovations' new concept Stealth Police Cruiser w/ BlackBerry PlayBook Integration came rolling up to my house the other day. This is one mean looking cop car!!

The last I saw of the BlackBerry Cruiser was in Waterloo after I got tossed into the back seat after trying to steal a BlackBerry Bold 9900. That was the first concept cruiser -- which got sold -- and what you can check out in the video above is the new version 2.0 concept police car. It still has a BlackBerry PlayBook integrated and running the show, and in addition has seen a bunch of other updates. They've now integrated a Grabba scanner into the work flow for scanning licenses on the go, along with a printer for printing out reports. They've also re-jigged things to open up a lot more space within the console. You'll also notice some new lighting inside and out.  

Having one of these pull up to your house for fun is pretty cool (the Cruiser was passing through town on a Western Canada tour)... but man oh man I'd hate to have this thing track me down for real. Check out mobinnoco.com for more details and be sure to watch the video above!