The Guardian on BlackBerry Z10

This morning The Guardian posted a story that a British government-funded agency, the Communications-Electronics Security Group, had fully rejected BlackBerry 10 for government use due to security concerns - specifically over the Balance feature. Our own James Richardson dug around a bit more for a statement from the CESG about what's going on with BlackBerry, and found simply that BB10 hasn't been out long enough to be fully tested yet. Since then, The Guardian has pulled the story and are currently making corrections, according to the story's author Charles Arthur.

Personally, we've got no beef with The Guardian (they have a fine BB10 app that nearly made my top 10 list) or the article's author, Charles Arthur, who took a fair bit of heat for the misinformed story. They did the right thing and retracted information that was officially clarified, and it's worth commending them for it. It just would have been nice if they didn't cause this much confusion over the issue in the first place, especially at times like this when BlackBerry stock is so volatile.

For those curious, you can see a cached version of the original article here