GroupMe for BlackBerry

We've been following GroupMe since they initially launched in open beta way back in March. Somewhere in that time, Microsoft / Skype took great interest in their offerings and scooped them up in an acquisition. That hasn't taken away from the GroupMe experience though -- in fact, it has allowed them to expand their efforts even more and they continue with the release of GroupMe v3.0 for BlackBerry after having already updated their Android and iOS versions:

On the new app, users can create new groups and questions with people in their address book, as well as other people they know on GroupMe. With the new API, users should notice a faster feel to the overall app experience.

The UI has been completely overhauled, from the list of chats to your list of contacts and much more. There’s a new ribbon of buttons at the top of the app that lets you start a group, Question, or Direct Message quickly, just like in our other apps. Picture sharing and downloading is much faster. It now works on BlackBerry OS 7.

Faster, prettier and compatible with BlackBerry 7. We like the sound of that -- if you're in need of a better group messaging system then what BBM Groups has to offer, then make sure you give GroupMe a look. The update is available now in BlackBerry App World as well as through the direct download link below.

Download GroupMe v3.0 directly to your BlackBerry