Back in the day, I used to be a fan of the Grooveshark streaming music service. They even had a beautiful BlackBerry app to go along with it, and I even signed up for their premium offerings but it got to a point where Grooveshark and I were no longer friends. Their beautiful BlackBerry app never got updated and they ignored all my mentions about it and alas, I moved onto Rdio who is not only glad to take my money but in return, also provide me with an awesome Blackberry, Android and iOS app for all my streaming music needs. They have not yet given me a PlayBook app but their site works when you use Simple Browser from HaTaX and I'm fine with that.

Grooveshark in the meantime, has been working on an HTML5 site for their users and having just now heard about it I figured i would give it a go and see how well it worked. It's in beta now, and they don't appear to have account support built in as of yet so if you're already a Grooveshark user you'll not be able to access anything from your account but no matter -- you can still stream the content, just not access playlists or favorites from your account.

The HTML5 website worked pretty good, not only on BlackBerry smartphones but also the BlackBerry PlayBook. I was able to visit and make use of the site from Bold 9900 and my BlackBerry PlayBook easily and stream any music I searched for on their service. Will I return back to Grooveshark as a user? Not a chance but it's nice to see that the HTML5 site works and I'm sure a lot of folks will make use of it. Check it out for yourself, hit the link below!

Try out Grooveshark HTML5


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