Andy Kim Performing Rock Me Gently

As much as I'm addicted to my BlackBerry, I think I'm equally addicted to's free user-contributed BlackBerry Ringtone Gallery and BlackBerry Wallpaper Gallery. You just never know what ringtones and wallpapers people are going to add to the database... sometimes you REALLY get surprised. It demands a daily visit!

And yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to discover a member added Andy Kim's #1 hit of the seventies ROCK ME GENTLY to the ringtone gallery. I immediately downloaded it to my Curve and have decided it might just be the greatest ringtone you can possibly have on a mobile device (either that or Europe's FINAL COUNTDOWN). I just can't help but smile and burst out into song whenever my Berry rings.

If you're one of those people who feels compelled to break BlackBerry Etiquette and leave your ringer cranked in a crowded restaurant/room, I think Rock Me Gently would be the ringtone to have. You'll get less evil glares and more smiles if you're cranking some Andy Kim. Although, if you want to get with the times, you might want to put Soulja Boy's CRANK DAT on your BlackBerry... we have that too! [Click the CAPS TITLES above to go that ringtone download page.]

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