The Great White House BlackBerry Heist

So lets say you're the lead press advance person in a delegation from Mexico visiting the U.S. for meetings with George Bush and his crew. You arrive well before any of your delegation or other press to arrange things and show people where to go, what to do, etc... What would you do if you noticed a bunch of BlackBerry devices sitting on a table outside a meeting room. You'd take them wouldn't you!? Of course you would! :P

That's exactly what Rafael Quintero Curiel did. Curiel took six or seven handheld devices outside of a room where the Mexican delegation was meeting with U.S. officials earlier in the week. The incident was caught on surveillance, and the secret service barely caught up with him...Curiel made it all the way to the airport before he was stopped by secret service, where he declared diplomatic immunity and left the country with the Mexican delegation.

Mexican officials have asked Curiel to tender his resignation as soon as he arrived back home in Mexico City... I should hope so!

At any rate, this one made me laugh... Not quite sure if it's because this guy is so stupid, or because he had the balls to try and pull something like this off. Perhaps its a bit of both.

[ via FoxNews ] 

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