Great Little War Game

I've only been playing this game for a few hours, but already I'm totally addicted. Great Little War Game is an awesome strategy game for the BlackBerry PlayBook that I can already see will take up wayyy too much of my time. The premise of the game is simple and and it's super easy to get the hang of it so you can jump right in.

Take command of your army and battle the foe on land, sea and air but be sure to make wise decisions as you go. You want to deploy your soldiers to take full advantage of the higher terrain, natural choke points, ambush spots and defensive walls. Get it right and the bad guys will lose to your superior strategy skills. 

Great Little War Game features various modes including skirmish, multiplayer and campaign as well as various difficulty levels and much, much more. While the price tag is at the higher end for a game at $4.99, it's well worth that and more. Check out more at the link below.

More information/Download of Great Little War Game

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