20,000 apps up for grabs in the great big developer giveaway

We all love a good freebie and we have had many articles here on CrackBerry where developers have given away a bunch of their apps for free. This weekend you're in for a bit of a treat. A handful of developers have come together to offer you a great big app giveaway. We're talking about almost 20,000 free copies between ... developers. In some cases, developers are giving away free copies of a few of their apps. All exclusive to CrackBerry readers. So, without further ado lets get through the list.

To grab yourself a free copy of an app, follow these instructions.

  1. Open up BlackBerry World
  2. Swipe down from the top and tap Redeem
  3. Enter the promo code for the app you want from below
  4. The app should show up as free, tap the green FREE icon to download

Please note, these apps are for BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Not all apps will be compatible with all models, especially the BlackBerry Passport.


Apps from Nick Leonov

Cloudvert - 500 free copies

A third party app for the Cloudconvert web service which lets you convert dozens and dozens of file formats. A very useful app that I have been using since I wrote about the app.

Promo code: CBSUPERBIG

Profiler - 500 free copies

Profiler allows you to set up times where your notification will automatically change. It can use calendar events as a trigger to change your profile as well as using geo location.

Promo code: CBSUPERBIG2


Apps from Sasha Kanthan

Usage Pro - 500 free copies

Usage Pro is an app that monitors your device usage, from your calls, texts and data usage. Helping you avoid going over your plan limits. You can set caps and warnings after you reach a certain amount of usage.


Bookmark Pro - 500 copies

If you're looking for a better way to manage your browser bookmarks on BlackBerry 10, Bookmark Pro aims to do that for you. It doesn't quite interact with the native BlackBerry 10 browser but it gives you a place to bookmark your favorite or most frequented websites so you can get to them quickly.



Apps from FileArchiveHaven

Secure Browser - 1000 free copies

Secure Browser is a browser that aims to give you ultimate privacy when browsing. Using privacy modes as well as being able to password protect your favorites list.


Secure Antivirus Pro - 1000 free copies

Secure Antivirus Pro, as the name suggests, is an antivirus app for BlackBerry 10. It can quarantine viruses and you can even scan your Dropbox or Box device.


Flippy Bird 3D - 500 free copies

Flippy Bird 3D is a spin of the famous flapping bird game on. It uses a retro pixel design as well as going 3D. If you want an annoyingly addictive game, check it out.


Dats A Bingo - 750 copies

Love a bit of bingo? Here's a classic bingo game for you. You get points for getting a line, and X shape or by completing the middle. There will be consequences for calling BINGO too early. If you're looking for a bit of fun, try out Dats a Bingo


Circle Tap Pro - 1000 free copies

Want a fun, time killing game? Circle Tap may be just for you. Circle Tap involves you popping and smashing circles, the faster you pop, the quicker you can level up and this gives you multiplier points. It can actually get quite addictive.



Apps from Ghuyfel

List them All - 250 free copies

List them All has already had it's own solo promo here on CrackBerry but the developer has joined in on this mega giveaway to offer more free copies. The app is a great way of creating lists. There are many categories of lists that you can make. With the holidays coming soon, it would be a great app to keep up to date with gifts or anything else you need to list.

Promo code: LTA15


Apps from Roger LeBlanc

Volt - 1000 free copies

Volt is a battery monitoring app that includes extended batteries. Most of these apps only monitor the regular batteries. There are those who buy the bigger, extended batteries and this app can monitor usage for those too. It also monitors your device usage so you can see how much time you've been spending on your phone.


Alarm2Watch - 1000 free copies

Alarm2Watch is an app that allows you to set an alarm. It has 15 instrumental songs that can gently wake you up. If you own a Pebble smartwatch and also use Talk2Watch, you can use the app to send the alarm to the watch too.



Apps from François Lalumiere

TaxCalc Canada - 1150 free copies

Looking to calculate tax within the different territories and provinces in Canada, TaxCalc Canada allows you to do that. Simple and easy to use, get your free copy today.

Promo code: TCCBONUS1000


Apps from Miciniti

Sync for BlackBerry 10 - 1000 free copies

Sync is an app that allows you to sync and backup your files to cloud storage services, as well as a microSD card or via FTP. Cloud services include Dropbox, Box and OneDrive.


Recycle Bin - 1000 free copies

Recycle Bin is oddly named as the description says it's an app that lets you "protect your private files by moving them to a safe location on your device or memory card". However, it does allow you to restore files so the app name does work in the end.


Alarm+ - 1000 free copies

This is an alarm app that runs headless. It has a beautiful layout and UI. For those who want to be able to snooze an alarm without having to open your eyes, you can snooze by shaking the phone or flipping it facedown. Certainly an app I'm checking out.



Apps from Sven Ziegler

ReadItNow! - 500 free copies

ReadItNow! is a third party Pocket client. Pocket is one of those read it later type services. If you have no time to read an article you can save it to read later. It syncs with your Pocket account so you could even continue reading it on your computer later in the evening. You need a Pocket account to use it. Promo code: 1410CBREADITNOW

PhotoUploader - 500 free copies

PhotoUploader is an auto photo uploading app. It lets you upload files to your Dropbox or Box account. You can decide the frequency at which it does this or you can manually upload them to your account.


WhereIs…? - 500 free copies

WhereIs...? is an app that allows you to discover new places in your area or in places you visit. You can choose the search criteria, like just search fast food joints or bars or clothes shops. Useful when heading out to new locations.

Promo code: 1410CBWHEREIS


Apps from QtHelex

ClipMan - 1000 free copies

ClipMan is an awesome clipboard manager app. It lets you create text templates. It's headless and monitors your clipboard and stores text from there which you can then go back and copy to use again. It really is a useful app to have. Grab yourself a copy today.

Promo code: CBClipManTG

RailroadGermany - 500

This is a bit more of a niche app for those in Germany. If you're looking for train times within Germany, then you might want to check out this app. You can store stations as your Favorite, to save searching for it every time.

Promo code: CBRailroadGermanyTG

MetalDetector - 500 free copies

Metal Detector makes use of the magnetometer of you device. You never know, it could come in handy.

Promo code: CBMetalDetectorTG

NativeNews - 2000 free copies

Want to read the news in your own language? NativeNews does just that, it supports a multitude of languages, well worth checking out.

Promo code: CBNativeNewsTG

Dream Remote - 500 free copies

Dream Remote is a Wi-Fi remote for your device. It's compatible with all Enigma1 and Enigma2 based DreamBox Receivers. You do need to have Webinterface running on your receiver for it to work.

Promo code: CBDreamRemoteTG

Native Counter - 500 free copies

Need to count heads at an event or conference? Native Counter can do that for you so you don't forget where you are when you're counting. Much like those clickers you use, this does it digitally for you.

Promo code: CBNativeCounterTG

TouchReact - 500 free copies

Can you tap faster than your mate? Put it to the test with TouchReact, a simple game of seeing who can tap the fastest. Can be a fun time killer.

Promo code: CBTouchReactTG


Apps from Brian Scheirer

camZOO – 250 free copies

camZOO is fun app to view live webcams from zoos all around the world. With over 20 live feeds ranging from a bat house in the US to a white rhino conservatory in South Africa and everything in between there's something for all animal lovers. Each feed also includes information about the animal species and that feed's location/habitat. Grown-ups and their children alike should get hours of entertainment from viewing each and every one of these feeds.



Apps from Anamega Solutions

Sec Browser - 250 free copies

Another third party secure browser. It doesn't store your browsing history, cookies or any temporary files on your device. If that's what you're looking for in a browser, this may be for you.


Secure Notes - 250 copies

Want to keep your notes secret? Check out Secure Notes. You can password protect, encrypt text and set up dummy pins.


Apps from AgeTDev

Burger Copter - 500 free copies

We recently took a look at this app. The simple, yet very challenging game can get quite addictive.

Promo code: CBBurgersAwesome

Apps from Tundra Core Studios

Hub Browser - 1000 free copies

Hub Browser lets you access the browser directly from the Hub to make the flow of clicking links smoother. No need to switch windows. Really is a useful app to have.


Apps from Aria Pazooki

ODF Reader - 100 copies

ODF Reader is just that, an ODF reader. You can view your OpenDocuments on your BlackBerry with the app. It's very simple to use and you should check it out if you deal with any OpenDocument format files.

Promo code: ODFCB

Apps from Canada Inc

Auto Block - 50 free copies

Block all those unwanted texts/SMS messages. Easy to use and set up. The app runs headless and makes sure you don't get those dreader spam messages.

Promo code: IHATESPAM

Exporter - 50 copies

Looking to save your SMS, Email or PIN messages? You can do so with Exporter. You can save them to plain text format. You can also select the accounts for which you want to save from.

Promo code: STAYSAVED

Golden Retriever - 50 copies

Retrieve messages from your device even without physically having the device. The way it works is you set up another email to send your messages to for the period of time you're without your device.


Home Screen + - 50 copies

This app allows you to easily add your favourite media, documents, or your favourite contact as a shortcut on the home screen. This is not just for phone numbers but for SMS, email, and BBM as well.


Playback Plus - 50 copies

This app allows the user to keep a video playing in the background while the user does other work. Supports all media formats and includes on screen controls.


Messages Templates - 50 copies

Create messages templates that you can re-use whenever you need them. Quite a handy little app I think. Does what it says on the tin.


Many thanks to Lloyd (developer FileArchiveHaven) for the idea of this mega app giveaway. And thanks to all the developers who participated in this giveaway. Thank you for all you great work! If you love the apps, don't forgot to leave reviews for the developers.