Great Apps on BlackBerry

While the shutting down of the Built for BlackBerry program for developers was a bit of disappointing news, at the time BlackBerry announced it, they did make mention that they would be assessing new opportunities for developers to highlight their apps and now, BlackBerry has announced a new way in which developers apps can be highlighted within BlackBerry World.

We're listening to our developer community by creating a new list on BlackBerry World starting Feb 25. This new list, entitled "Great Apps on BlackBerry" will feature great apps which are available on BlackBerry 10. The category will be a list of 20 applications, featured for two weeks, once per month. The requirements will follow very much in line with those to be featured on the BlackBerry World Carousel, with a few additional requirements to ensure end users experience a great BlackBerry 10 app.


  • be built using BlackBerry 10 Native/Cascades or WebWorks HTML5
  • have a minimum 3.0 star rating
  • perform all tasks as outlined in the description and
  • not be made using a tool/template or simply launch a web page

In addition to those requirements, developers will need to nominate their app by emailing the BlackBerry World Marketing team using subject "Great Apps on BlackBerry" and provide Vendor Name, Application Name as well as the Application ID or BlackBerry World link. Additionally, BlackBerry notes to have up-to-date icons and descriptions before making your request and some patience, as they expect anticipate a high volume of requests, especially for the first few weeks.

Learn more via the Inside BlackBerry Dev Blog