A few weeks ago we dropped word here on the CrackBerry blogs about iGrann, which claims to be the first fully-featured Instagram client for BlackBerry 10. The post got a BIG response from the community and the forums action on iGrann has been hot and heavy ever since - clearly so many of you out there (myself included) want a well-built native Instagram app for BlackBerry 10.

Now it appears iGrann may get beat to the punch by another developer with an Instagram client who's name has yet to be given out. Currently going by ????gram, you can check out the video above and photos in the gallery below to see this native Instagram client coming together for BB10.

The photos and videos were sent to me just a little while ago, along with the following brief note:

"We plan to publish the first version for certification by the end of the week with basic functionality (registration, picture upload, public feed browsing) and complete the app (with video upload too) in next few days after that."

So there you have it. It shouldn't be too long of a wait! In the meantime, let the rumor mongering begin.... I wonder what name this Instagram client will go by?! It's gotta change from ????gram to something!