If you're looking to pick up a BlackBerry 10 device on the cheap and live in the U.S., then Shop BlackBerry has quite a nice deal for you to consider. A white or black unlocked BlackBerry Z10 with no contract can be yours for only $200 with free shipping when using coupon code BFEMAILZ10 after the device has been added to your cart. 

It does seem though, that the devices are limited to one device per order as when you add several Z10's to your cart the coupon code no longer works. I suppose, you could try placing two orders but your mileage may vary in regards to how well that works out for you in the end. Offer runs up until December 2nd according to the email sent out.

PS: You can TRY ordering one in Canada, some folks say you'll have to pay $28 shipping and of course, there is still the possibility the order will be canceled. No harm in trying though!

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