Grab your limited edition CrackBerry "Back in BlackBerry" t-shirt while it's hot!

For years now, we've been giving away CrackBerry t-shirts to our various contest winners, but folks have always asked us for the ability to purchase their own gear, and although it took longer than expected, I'm excited to introduce what I hope will be the first of many custom CrackBerry shirts to you.

Rock your support for BlackBerry and CrackBerry with this limited edition "Back in BlackBerry" t-shirt. This t-shirt is simple, bold and filled with attitude. Available in both men's and women's sizes, it's destined to be a classic. For those in cold weather climates, we've also got hoodies! We're offering this t-shirt in one color only – black! Loudly proclaim your support for the Priv and on the back of the shirt, you'll find the familiar CrackBerry logo!

We're running the sales through Teespring, and each one will cost $20 plus shipping costs to wherever you are. As noted, though, these particular shirts are limited edition and will only be available for ordering until March 3, so if you want one, don't hesitate to place your order.

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