Another Android app which may well be of interest to UK consumers is from the supermarket chain ALDI. Whilst we don't all have a local store, their market presence is certainly growing and they sure have some attractive prices. 

The beauty with the app is that every week ALDI have what they call 'Special Buy's and the app will detail all the products that have been discounted. Select the item you like the look of and you'll be given all the product information you need along with the price. If you like what you see you can press the + tab at the top of the display and the item will be added to your shopping list ready for when you visit your local store. 

In addition to the shopping list feature there's also a store locator built in and web links to a selection of features - such as recipes, customer service or the ALDI UK homepage. 

If you are running BlackBerry 10.2.1 why not jump into Snap and install the app. It seems to work on all BlackBerry 10 handsets which is what we like to see.

If you need some help you can find a full set of instructions below: 

How to use Snap to install Android APK files