Gowalla Preparing Web Based Version For BlackBerry

We've all become aware of the Foursquare app for BlackBerry that has been rolled out, what some of you may not know though is that competing service, Gowalla is looking to enter the BlackBerry realm as well. Josh Williams or @jw as he is known on Twitter, made it clear today that Gowalla was ramping up their mobile web offerings to cater to BlackBerry users.

I have to admit, even though I have a Foursquare account I rarely ever use it and I've never looked at Gowallas offerings in comparison. But, knowing that Gowalla has quite a presence on other platforms with applications already developed. Why are they going the mobile web route with BlackBerry as opposed to creating an app? Maybe, this is just the start of greater things to come but as I see it with Foursquares app already out there Gowalla may lose some ground with just a web based application.

[ Techcrunch ]