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So you got a new BlackBerry PlayBook for Christmas and aren't sure where to begin? Not to worry -- we have plenty of help and how-to guides to get you up and running. If you've never touched a tablet before or just aren't sure where to begin, we have plenty of info at hand to get you going. You can start with something as simple as finding a new wallpaper or jump right in to sharing files over wifi from your PC. Keep reading to find all you need to know about your new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet!

Getting Started

Out of the box your new PlayBook is pretty easy to set up. You'll initially run through the setup process on the device, adding a wifi network, maybe downloading the latest OS and running through some quick gesture tutorials. From there it's off to the races.

Most users start with a bit of customization by adding a custom wallpaper and moving icons around (tap and hold the icon, then drag to where you want it) to get things where they want them. You can even create application folders to keep things neat and tidy.   

To start out, check out these guides on setting up, customizing and navigating your BlackBerry PlayBook. 

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BlackBerry PlayBook References

After you get everything set up to your liking, you'll want to dive into more features like using Presentation ModeVideo Chat and BlackBerry Remote. Don't fret -- we've got you covered on all ends. When you're ready to get down and dirty, check out the references below for help on all these features and more. 

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Advanced Help

So that's not enough? You want to really get deep? We can help you with that too. If you think you're already a PlayBook master and want to rock it out like a true BlackBerry abuser, check out these advanced help articles to learn how to share files over wifi, tether to your BlackBerry Smartphone and even restore the PlayBook OS.

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But wait ... there's more!

It doesn't stop there -- we have a great community of users ready to help with any issues you may have in our CrackBerry Forums. And you wouldn't wnat your PlayBook to go around naked, would you? Check out ShopCrackBerry for loads of great accessories for your new tablet. 

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