BlackBerry 10

As posted in the CrackBerry forums by member pg101 earlier this week:

"Just got off phone with an IT gal at my employer. I work for one of the "big 5" banks in Canada... They are preparing to go BB10 from day 1....both phones and PlayBook. The gal who has a personal iPhone even says the BB10 has a better experience, the ideal BYOD product, and keyboard's ability to learn your typing errors and predict/correct is amazing. Every third word from her mouth was "sexy" when she was describing the features to me. She sounded very excited to talk about it.

On a side note, my bank tested Apple already as a replacement, and concluded that Apple still has significant hurdles to go through before it can be as safe and secure at BB. Needless to say, every other bank and insurance company here in Canada will likely come to the same conclusion, and will still continue to use BB over Apple. That is the bottom line! "

All things considered, looking at the situation realistically, any company looking to go all in with BlackBerry 10 would likely have to ease in, possibly have to wait out existing contracts and replace devices as they are eligible, and so on. However, it's awesome to see so much enthusiasm and confidence in the future of BlackBerry and Research In Motion.

Even though we've seen some companies drift away from BlackBerry over the last year or so, there are still many that feel the same as pg101's company as referenced above. With dual personas (work/personal) baked in via BlackBerry Balance and BES 10 coming out for enterprises to manage the BB10 devices along with iOS and Android devices, I think we'll not only see a lot of companies choosing to stay with BlackBerry in the future, but also see many former enterprise customers return when the time is right. 

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