Google's knack for creating a dizzying array of products with bewilderingly similar names is well-known. Ever tried to keep track of their messaging apps?

But, when it comes to their AI endeavors, things are getting a lot simpler. This past Thursday, Google made a big move by renaming its Bard chatbot to Gemini.

They're launching a dedicated Gemini app for Android users and integrating all the cool Duet AI features from Google Workspace under the Gemini umbrella.

Plus, they're rolling out Gemini Ultra 1.0 – the biggest and most advanced version of their large language model yet, now available for everyone.

Meet Gemini, your new go-to AI buddy

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Source: Google

Gemini is a cool chatbot that you can chat with, either through text or voice.

What sets Gemini apart is its "multi-modal" capability, which means not only can you talk to it, but you can also share photos with it or ask it to whip up an image for you.

Using Gemini won't cost you a dime, but Gemini Advanced, powered by the even fancier Gemini Ultra 1.0 is going to set you back a few bucks.

Google is offering a free trial for 2 months, but after that, it'll set you back $20 a month as part of the Google One AI Premium Plan.

This plan isn't just about getting the advanced chatbot; it also throws in 2TB of storage and some other premium perks from Google One – usually, this package goes for $10.

Transforming AI accessibility

OpenAI was the trailblazer in the market with its ChatGPT Plus subscription, offering early dibs on AI models and extra features a year back.

Not to be left behind, Microsoft jumped in with its own $20 monthly subscription, integrating AI into tools like Word and Excel.

"When I pay $20 a month, access to a model alone is not really enough," he remarked.

Jack Krawczyk, the product lead, shared in a chat that Google's take on the subscription model aims to blend seamlessly with our work habits, throwing in cloud storage, Gmail and other integrations into the mix.

The idea is to cater to folks seeking the cream of the crop in generative AI tech – the kind that whips up new content on the fly and tackles questions without clear-cut answers available online.

Google's next-gen assistant is shaking things up

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Source: Google

If you're an Android user, downloading the new app lets Gemini take over as your go-to assistant, nudging Google Assistant to the side whenever you call out "Hey Google" or hold down the home button.

Gemini is blending the capabilities of an assistant, chatbot, and search engine into one sleek package.

It's not like Google's ditching Assistant entirely, but it's pretty clear they're betting big on Gemini as the next big thing. Sissie Hsiao, the head honcho at Bard (now known as Gemini), is stoked about it.

She describes Gemini as a groundbreaking move towards an AI assistant that's more chatty, versatile, and helpful than anything we've seen before.

Now, for those on iOS, there's no dedicated Gemini app since Apple's ecosystem is pretty tight-knit around Siri. However, Google's weaving all of Gemini's AI magic into the Google app, complete with a switch at the top that flips you from Search to Gemini mode.

Considering Google's bread and butter has always been Search, this switch is a big deal. And while the in-search AI is still labeled as Search Generative Experience for the moment, don't be surprised if Gemini takes over that spot soon too.

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