If you're a heavy Google Talk user on your BlackBerry Z10 then you'll want to get yourself updated to the latest release available in BlackBerry World. Sitting at v10.0.10.13 this release covers a lot of bug fixes and overall improvements for the app as a whole. Thankfully, there is a full change log that goes along with it so if you need the exact details, you can jump below to get a better look at what has changed.

  • Includes several bug fixes improving general stability and performance.
  • Fixes an issue where new invited contacts were not showing up in contact list.
  • Fixes an issue when 'Sign In Automatically' was selected.

Personally, I've never had any issues with the app but clearly there was enough folks out there who did to justify the update. So with that in mind, if you were among them make sure you get the update downloaded using the link below.

Download Google Talk for BlackBerry 10