Google Sync

The Google Sync app for BlackBerry has long been one of my most used apps for as long as I can remember. I was pretty disappointed back in April when Google announced the app would soon be pulled. While there has been an OTA download available for those who still wanted access, it looks like Google may have finally pulled the plug on sync actions. A few curious users on Twitter and in the CrackBerry forums seemed to be experiencing sync issues and I as well can't get the little guy to do it's thing any more. 

Google said in their blog post that the app functions would work through September 1st, 2012, so maybe we got some extra love as things didn't seem to click off for good until yesterday. When trying to sync now the app hangs or results in a failure message stating that you can sign out and retry, but that hasn't been effective for me either.

While BlackBerry BIS has Google sync intact, this doesn't help the many users like me that sync multiple calendars. With the Google Sync app you could also add your delegate calendars to the sync process - BIS only syncs your main Google calendar.

Granted there are other ways to get this job done, but most importantly, in a few weeks we won't be worrying since BlackBerry 10 can tackle this process with ease.

Are you a Google Sync user that's left in the dark? Are things still working for you? Let us know in the comments!

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