Google dropped word today that they have made some improvements for CardDAV. Earlier this year Google dropped free Gmail accounts from using Exchange ActiveSync, so for many BlackBerry 10 users, CardDAV has been a great solution. The updates here aren't too crazy but they do keep things running smoothly for any and all devices using the CardDAV service.

Improvements include:

  • High resolution contact photos, which enables syncing of full-screen photos used by some mobile devices including iPhones (previously we supported 96x96 thumbnails).
  • Sync-Collections, which improves battery life for mobile users by reducing the amount of data exchanged.
  • POST support, which reduces mobile data usage when creating new contacts.
  • For Google Apps users, searching the domain’s Global Address List.

The good news is that if you're using CardDAV you don't need to do anything to take advantage of the updates. If you haven't yet tried out the service you can check out our full tutorial for CardDAV, CalDAV and IMAP here.